We vacuum ceilings and clean roofs

Welcome To RoofRats - "Dirty Jobs" has nothing on us

We vacuum ceilings and clean roofs.

Office Telephone Number: 011-057-7020

e-Mail: info@roofrats.co.za


Dust from old faeces and old disintegrating insulation in the roof can cause serious allergies and diseases as it filters down into your house



Please look at our FAQ page - most of what you want to know is right there!



Rats, bats, birds and other unwanted animals in your house, especially in the roof, can cause serious problems:

• Smells in the roof from dust, old faeces and urine
• Smells in the roof from dead rats, bats and birds
• Smells in the roof from old bird-nests
• Stains on the ceiling from old faeces
• Damage to plastic pipes & water leaks
• Damage to roof insulation and wood from gnawing
• Damage to electrical cables from gnawing
• Introduction of House Dust Mites from nests
• Diseases such as Typhus and Salmonella



We won it last year! Can we do it again? If you have received great service from us - please nominate us again for this years' award.

Here is the Home Page: http://sba.702.co.za


Exclusive to Roof Rats - Gauteng

Keep cool this summer!


Our new product!

Fully automatic, thermostatically controlled, solar powered, heat extraction fan for the roof-space.

Keep your house cool this summer.

Price per unit for DIY installation - collect from Roof Rats office - R3990.00 excl VAT

Price per unit installed (Gauteng only) - R5250.00 excl VAT

e-Mail us at info@roofrats.co.za for more info


Technical Specs:
Fan Size: 355mm
Construction: Galvanized Steel and Aluminium
Motor: 24V DC
Power: 18W
Mass: 16kg
Size (cm): 58x58x37
Airflow: 2805m³/h
Static Pressure: 5.5kPa
Colour: Teracotta or per client specification
Thermostat (Optional): 35ºC Normal Open

RoofRats are spreading like the plague - Inside joke we have...

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What Clients Had To "Rat" About

Roof Rats | Testimonials

Good day to all at Roof Rats

We wish to thank you very much for your service – no rat parties at night!

We were very impressed with your service. I prepared myself for a home invasion and mess on the day you were coming. What a lovely surprize when your team arrived! They were professional and hard working and just got on with the job quietly and efficiently.

I am not surprised that you won the small business award  on 702. If you carry on the way you are you will have to go for a big business award next time. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.

Gratefully yours,

Linda and Spencer Jackson

Valhalla, Pretoria

Well done team!

Latest Projects - Rat Madness

Getting into a flat roof structure in Benoni, Gauteng. After lifting the plates we found a huge pile of mess and several dead rats.

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