We vacuum ceilings and clean roofs

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We vacuum ceilings and clean roofs.


Dust from old faeces and old disintegrating insulation in the roof can cause serious allergies and diseases as it filters down into your house



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Rats, bats, birds and other unwanted animals in your house, especially in the roof, can cause serious problems:

• Smells in the roof from dust, old faeces and urine
• Smells in the roof from dead rats, bats and birds
• Smells in the roof from old bird-nests
• Stains on the ceiling from old faeces
• Damage to plastic pipes & water leaks
• Damage to roof insulation and wood from gnawing
• Damage to electrical cables from gnawing
• Introduction of House Dust Mites from nests
• Diseases such as Typhus and Salmonella







RoofRats are spreading like the plague - Inside joke we have...

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What Clients Had To "Rat" About

Roof Rats | Testimonials

From Emma, Pecanwood Estate, Hartebeespoort

Hi Grania

I just wanted to pop you a note to say that you have probably the best work crew I have ever dealt with. They were polite, well dressed, respectful and most importantly hard working. They worked thoroughly, quickly and efficiently. They were neat, tidying as they moved through the house and didn't leave one speck of mess behind once they were done.

Emmanuel introduced himself to me and I felt confident that should any issue arise, I could speak with him and it would be sorted out, however your crew understood their responsibility and so no problems came up at all.

The best compliment I can give you is that I will be telling all my friends about you and your excellent work.

Thank you

Well done team!

Latest Projects - Rat Madness

Getting into a flat roof structure in Benoni, Gauteng. After lifting the plates we found a huge pile of mess and several dead rats.

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